This Week

This week has been like the
Birth of a new age of recognition
Confirmation of my plans for winning –
in validity and repetition.
Your loyalty is won and
I will NEVER letyou down…
I will never knock you down.
I will never fuck around.
I selected you.
To serve and to protect you.
To respect you.
To share all of myself.
So bad, I want to take you,
I want to elevate you, love you in
Love you in health.
I’m a fighter. For life.
I’ve lived and breathed
The dirty streets
That we both bear the scars of.
I’ve rediscovered some pride,
No I build a new world I’ve started
to see, and I want you deep inside.
Our chemistry is a ride I don’t
want to end. Be my best friend;
play to win, with me.
And help me quit smoking.
I’m choking.
You’re like a mirror to me.
Perfect in symmetry,
reflecting vertically –
the perfect male image of me.
The water in both of our wells
runs deeper than that
smooth surface.
But our torrents run in the same
unavoidable direction – to
our eternal solace.
So how’s all this shit for some random,
insight, to the innermost working of my
mind, my life.
Better you see this before you hear
me moaning in the night.
Better you know me and I know you
for the moaning to be right.
Better me in reflexive candour,
for you to better understand the
reason behind the rhyme.
Better me to stop
Writing on my fucking knee
If only for legibility, sad but this
shit handwriting is mine!!
Oh, for all my brilliance I am lost
Farther than ever before.
Fortunately for you and me
I checked my pride in at the door.
Be another Judas if you are
Another fallen potential star.
Turn out to be just like the rest –
I’ll still give you six silver pieces
for failing the test.
But I know you’re not. That’s why
I’d trust you with all I am –
and all that I’ve got.