The Wave and the Cave

The Cave and the Wave
they are at peace
with the solitude
at home with
the oneness
wrapped like a
warm cloak around
hunched shoulders
what seems lonliness
is their triumph;
what seems quiet
is their gain
what seems remote,
in isolation
is a devoted
the wave crests
the wave falls
the wave swells
the wave stalls
could never beget
heights such as we
shall raise her yet
and when she dips
swoons, stumbles, slips
the vulnerability is
never more transparent – yet
her deep well of
is never more apparent
his cave is
his lone station
his perfect construct
of self-preservation
he ventures out further
than any other
harvests, replants,
then returns to cover
comfortable in
the second skin
never worn thin
never to wither
his love is a
problem solved
each realisation
a privilege,
to behold
his heart in his throat
hers in the palm of her hand
both sacrificed
for the greater plan
yes, we are used to solitude
it won’t come between us
man from mars
woman from venus