The NZ Media Revolution: Installation 70% Complete

In early June, 2012 Occupy New Zealand called for a sea change from the mainstream media, imploring them “You need not fear becoming Julian Assange”.

To our profound relief and partial astonishment, the work we did on the ground combined with such bold public statements DID result in somewhat of a revolution in the mainstream media, with topics we had been posting about since December 2011 becoming a mainstream narrative crescendo by 2013.

Contradicting the “Julian Assange” reference, the governments of the so-called first world (who increasingly operate as if they are governments of the third-world) have responded to The Awakening by pursuing a “War on Journalism”, of which there have been many notable recent incidents covered extensively elsewhere.

ONZ warned MSM “The cat is out of the bag. You have a unique opportunity right now; to be amongst the first to recognise and embrace it; or to make yourselves defunct.” It appears the media listened, and the fusion of independent media tactics such as livestreaming and livetweeting (both of which require a physical presence at actions) with the pooling of many notable bloggers into hives of information, is serving us well.

What remains to be seen yet is whether individual personalities attempting to steer the boat will realise that placing their own motivations against those of others who are risking their lives, will result in a mutiny and an exodus, unless the higher ideals can be maintained and the common objectives across the entire left-right spectrum can rightfully be paramount, and sacred.

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