No, Julian Is Not Dead

I can tell you absolutely, categorically, without question, that Julian Assange is not dead. So can he, funnily enough. And many others.

But the real question is, what are you doing to keep him alive?

Black Propaganda: The Julian-Is-Dead Hoax

The Julian-Is-Dead conspiracy theory claims to demand empirical evidence but turns a blind eye to it whenever it is provided. They have concocted a bunch of excuses for why every proof offered is insubstantial while refusing to acknowledge the obvious: Julian’s family and friends have been constantly visiting him in person and clearly stating that he is alive and well.

In order to believe Julian is alive, you don’t have to debate the reliability of PGP, nor do you have to argue the theoreticals around integrity of audio recordings or the potential for human voices to be faked.

All you have to do is watch the activity of those who know Julian in person.

None of the people who know him have showed the slightest concern that he is dead.

But they have shown plenty of concern about the suffering he is going through in his actual situation, which does present a mortal threat to Assange.

A threat that is conveniently being completely ignored by the conspiracy theorists.

Rather than acknowledging the very real threat to his life and acting to protect him, they are instead declaring his demise a fait accompli, which conveniently exonerates them from any responsibility to meaningfully address his circumstances and coordinate en masse to resolve it and aid in his emancipation.


To Whom You Should Be Looking

If something happened to Julian you can be damn sure that Christine Assange would be raising all hell about it.


Christine is the quintessential truth-telling matriarch. I am very proud that she took an early interest in my work and I am among the least consequential of the extended WikiLeaks family. She is wahine toa, living embodiment of the female warrior spirit and it is an understatement to say that she cares about her son deeply.

To suggest she would sit silent were there cause to believe he was captured or dead, is completely ludicrous.

Furthermore, I can tell you from experience (not that it isn’t blatantly obvious already) that Sarah Harrison is not only completely legitimate but likewise, an exemplary human being. She has dedicated her life to WikiLeaks cause and she also has a deep maternal instinct when it comes to protecting the lives of whistleblowers, first and foremost Julian. She has been there for him through thick and thin for countless years and she would also be raising the roof if the Ecuadorian government or any other party, had sat quiet and watched him be incarcerated or killed. Sarah just spent the summer with Julian and is, in my opinion, his guardian angel. If something had happened to him, she would tell us.

Christine and Sarah are the tip of the iceberg. There are many other equally high-profile people who care about Julian and make a point of being there for him, physically, emotionally and publically.

The ridiculous theories being circulated are not only a disservice to logic and a distraction from WikiLeaks extremely important and ongoing work, but they operate on the presumption that everyone who has said they have seen Julian is somehow lying or complicit.

As if Christine visiting Julian wasn’t enough, longtime Assange friend Craig Murray, a fairly frequent visitor at the Ecuadorian Embassy, says that he had dinner with Julian and Yanis Varoufakis this week.


On the heels of Pamela Anderson’s visit earlier this month, and John Pilger’s interview of Julian, the idea that all of these people are involved in a grand conspiracy becomes ever more ridiculous.

If something did happen, we would hear it from Christine, Sarah, Craig, Yanis. We would hear it from people like Renata Avila. We would hear it from Stephania Maurizi. We would hear it from Angela Richter. We would hear it from Jeremie Zimmerman or Srecko Horvat. From Vivienne Westwood. Not to mention Assange’s long-serving legal team – we would hear it from Jennifer Robinson.

Instead all we hear is a bunch of no-name accounts espousing a bunch of nonsense and picking up the gullible, impressionable, young, or those who simply don’t know any better, with them. Coalescing into a giant snowball of disinformation, at a time that really is the most critical for WikiLeaks.

The Most Important Media Organisation In The World

Empathy for the circumstances of others is a huge driver for Julian and for many who are associated with WikiLeaks. Anyone trying to assess WikiLeaks critically needs to start from a position of empathy with them.

To put yourself in their shoes, start by taking the following into account:

WikiLeaks is now without a doubt, the foremost and most consequential media organisation in the entire world, moreso than ever before.

As if its impact over the last few months wasn’t historic enough, stop for a second and really understand that WikiLeaks was already in enough hot water with the U.S. elites that its Editor-In-Chief was the subject of an international manhunt by the FBI over six years ago.

WikiLeaks has long since been the #1 target of the U.S. administration. Recent events have sent it into stratospheric, unprecedented levels of targethood (for want of a better term. Or did I just invent one? Yet it’s so perfect. Targethood. The state of being targeted by the powers that be.)

Were this a proper article and not me just ranting on my blog, I would be tempted to create a bar graph – a targethood-o-meter – of exactly how far up shit creek WikiLeaks is with the bad guys. It is safe to say that they are now completely off the charts.

They are a modern-day mass-media metamorphosis of The Poison Kitchen from the 1930s that I wrote about in Understanding World War III – the brave journalists who documented the crimes of Hitler’s S.S. in the 20’s and 30’s – exposing the acts of tyrants and earning their way onto the personal shitlists of war criminals.

WikiLeaks is the last stand of truth before certain oblivion, the vanguard that pushes as far out as they can to create a vaccuum – a space – that others can more safely operate in. To protect them is to protect all humanity. To speak in their defense is to speak in our own.

It is impossible to accurately state the breadth of the human and financial resources set against their survival, though there are some metrics that have attempted to depict it. For how does one quantify the entire intelligence apparatuses of the Western World not to mention a fair few of the agencies in the Second and Third World’s, to boot?

The newest metric for measuring the impact on WikiLeaks is the lives of their associates lost. From Kenya onwards. Is in exiles created. Asylum-seeking journalists. Yet we keep throwing our bodies on the pyre of the persecuted. Why?

Because it is the right thing to do. It is the necessary thing to do. There is absolutely no other option left to us, in the catastrophic state of this world.

The answer to repression is not silence. It is screaming your bloody lungs out.

How You Can Join WikiLeaks – TODAY!

If everyone surmising about whether or not Julian Assange is captured/killed instead undertook the following steps, it would be an extremely beautiful thing.

ANYONE can become a WikiLeaks researcher. Here’s how:

  1. Go to and make an account.
  2. Subscribe to the WikiLeaks Community subreddit
  3. Read the instructions at the top of the page.
  4. Follow them and begin researching the listed topics.
  5. Submit your research to WikiLeaks.

Congratulations. If you’ve done the above, you’re now part of the WikiLeaks community and actually doing something useful to help Julian!

Also make sure you follow @CommunityWL & @WLTaskForce on Twitter.

Written by Suzie Dawson

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