Poetry is everything.

Long before I stumbled across the phenomena of introspection, I unconsciously expressed myself through poetry.

Words fell out of me, with an ever increasing frequency.

My words are my most slippery possessions unfortunately; often removed from me by circumstance, design or serendipity.

Seldom used sparingly, they are lately interfered with, impairingly.

What scraps I can bring together I will do so here willingly, for those dreamers mad enough to both lose and find themselves in words; solidarity.


Not to be reprinted without permission & attribution.

The Muse (2014)

Purple As My Love (2015)

I Am A Sex Snob (2004)

The Valentine (2015)

In A Town Near You (2000)

Acceptance (2014)

Commons (1999)

“If You” (2014)

Millionaire (2002)

“Oh, But The Roses!” (2014)

I Saw A Ghost (2003)

No Free Rides (2003)

Living On A Promise (2003)

I Feel The Ghost (2012)

The Crow (2001)

Who Are You? (2004)

Pegasus (2002)

Leaders (2004)

The Mission (2014)

Youth (2004)

Lust For Writing (2002)

Christmas 2018 (2018)

Our Noble Fire (2014)

Henrietta (1999)

Thoughts (2003)

Let Me Sit By The Lake (2014)

Visionary (2001)

Letter To Self (2004)

A Promise Fulfilled (2013)

Stuck In Chapter One (2003)

Master, You Will Hear Me Roar (2014)

Day Four (2002)

Screaming In My Head (2001)

The Wave And The Cave (2014)

Scrap Paper (2002)

Send Me Home To Papa (2005)

Grass Is Always Greener (2014)

Questions (2014)

The Game Of Life (2005)

Growing Up (2004)

Male Muse (2014)

Irreverence (2014)

In Hiding (1994)

Christmas 2014 (2014)

Christmas 2015 (The War On Love) (2015)

Struggle Struggle Struggle (2003)

Hail Zatoichi (2003)

Mistress Of Subtlety (2015)

A Carnal Grief (2014)

This Week (2002)

Words On A Page (2014)

Untitled (2002)

Oblivious (2004)

Anastacia’s Blues (2002)