I Feel The Ghost

“A ghost in a hundred halls,
a shadow in a thousand rooms”,

the echo of a million words,
call us to bear witness;
as the empire is consumed.

He is a memory;
that transcends personage,
Emotions; experience,
a timeless translation,
from vacant materialism;

an appeal –

to bridge all divides.

I love him, though I know him not.
He loves me; though I’ve often forgot.
He is me; although I am him.
He protects me; though I’m starved;
frail and thin.

We forge new paths,
still scarred by old.
We seal the gaps,
weather the cold.

We forge alliance,
while attacked from within.
We are our enemy, and
we are our friends.

We walk together,
without fear or doubt.
We sob together,
We grieve & we shout

for the many ghosts
that are daily made
for the many ghosts
that are never repaid
the life or the breath
that they gave

that our new world
shall duly be made
of careful hands
molded together as one
we couple to dance
a waltz newly begun

We walk the path, from
life to death; with
hope-filled lungs,
heaving untold songs sung;

investing in
every careful,
longing breath.