How We Know Glenn Greenwald Is Not A Three-Letter-Agency Plant

Unsurprisingly, Glenn Greenwald’s reputation is under attack. The War on Journalism (much like the War on Women) is more than a mere slogan – it is a reality unfolding before us, on an international playing field.

Some brothers and sisters, susceptible to counter-narrative and rightly questioning all media positions, are unwittingly falling victim to disinformation spread about a subset of journalists and publishers, the foremost of which is Greenwald, but also everyone from Jeremy Scahill to Julian Assange.

However with a little research you can easily establish for yourself that Greenwald is legit.

We will take you back 10 months in Twitter history to show you how we know.

Greenwald promptly received at least 9 sources offering sound supporting information, on that one thread alone.

He thoroughly researched Brown’s situation and in March 2013 produced this amazing piece for the Guardian:


His input catapulted the plight of Barrett Brown into the mainstream consciousness. He went from being a local news story to an international news story.

Barrett himself has endured similar smear campaigns of the type Greenwald, Scahill, Assange and countless other real public watchdog journalists and publishers constantly face.

Greenwald’s work encouraged a slew of other journalists to help reverse the trend, creating an ever-growing movement resoundingly calling to @FreeBarrett_

Experience dictates that real activists are often jailed for prolonged periods (funnily enough!), or have their lives dismantled by the State in other ways. Step 1 of that dismantling is the smearing and deliberately circulated misinformation about them, especially via social media.

A standard tactic used in smearing is to claim that the person is on a payroll. The claim that Greenwald is a CIA plant just does not sit right.

A CIA plant would not be bringing Barrett Brown’s case into the public consciousness. They would not risk associating their cover with someone up for 105 years in jail. They would be too busy subverting, to create. Greenwald is a creator. He has that innate desire to build and evolve things. He is a dreamer as well as an achiever.

These are the traits of a revolutionary journalist. He is clearly acting on conscience and deserves us to be aware of the incoming attacks on him and to diflect them with the truth.

Greenwald has spoken for the people against huge powers. He is right to stand alongside Edward Snowden and Daniel Ellsberg in history. His diverse personal history is supporting evidence as people like the aforementioned seldom walk a straight path – it is a crooked and rocky journey that leads them to understand what they don’t want and how to effectively fight against it – that helps them to form the conclusions they need to make, to choose to sacrifice themselves for the betterment of all.

The most important question is “Who benefits?”

Who benefits from us believing Greenwald is a CIA plant? Certainly not We The People. Who benefits from the disillusionment of thinking we cannot trust even those visibly putting their lives on the line to deliver us from tyranny?

Only the tyrants benefit, if we believe it.

All I keep hearing in my head is ‘Redemption Song’.

“How long shall they kill our prophets? While we stand aside and look. Some say it’s just a part of it – we’ve got to fulfill the book.”

We must protect and emulate our prophets. We mustn’t let them defame, jail and kill our prophets. The loss of Michael Hastings was deeply offensive to humanity and the only justice we can achieve in the short term is to make sure 10 Michael Hastings’ spawned as a result.

I have no doubt thousands did.

The explosions of blogs just like this, all over the internet increases my hope. Google search stats, as tampered with as they are, return overwhelming numbers and reduce the ability of suppression mechanisms to administrate them.

There are Anonymous videos into the 10s of millions of views.

The world is changing.

So when you hear “that protester is a cop” or “that person is an FBI agent” or “that journalist is a CIA plant” think twice. It is all too telling that it is our friends and not our enemies, who are being branded that. Question everything; but make common sense decisions after sufficient investigation.

Look into what they have produced in the time in which they are being smeared. You will find the correlation.

Then speak up in solidarity, just as they have for those imprisoned.

Protect real journalists.

Free Barrett Brown.

Free Jeremy Hammond.

Free Julian Assange.

Support those who risk all, for our benefit.

Support @FreeAnons

Written by Suzie Dawson

Twitter: @Suzi3D

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