How To ACTUALLY Stop The #GCSB Bill (psst it’s not what you’re being told)

We openly bantered with the public about what would be the issue to finally knock #GCSB off the radar. Never did we expect it to come from the very same Left who claim to revile it.

We are left wondering; when will we be free of the dinosaurs of the old paradigm who are now being presented to us as a solution to it? Why are we not scouring the post-Occupy socio-political landscape for Norman Kirk 2.0 while there is still enough time to find a newblood who genuinely carries the interest of the people, rather than the baggage of a previous administration?

After weathering so many blatant narrative-changing distractions such as Snapper, Al-Qaeda & 11th round beneficiary-bashing, the #GCSB tag which was clocking thousands of tweets per day at its crescendo, seemed to be going the distance.

Yet it has now been eclipsed by Robertson vs Jones vs Cunliffe; a who-will-be-the-next-Labour-leader stoush that is bleeding weeks worth of valuable public consciousness. Organisations who embedded themselves in the anti-GCSB actions, now having picked a single candidate to back are throwing the full weight of their media enterprise into declaring the imminent victory of “the People’s candidate” (an ex Minister of a previous Labour government) since virtually prior to the leadership having ever officially been in contention.

The Radiohead song “Electioneering” springs to mind and maybe I’m just naieve but I really didn’t expect to be risking my rear end as a top influencer on #GCSB so that x Labour candidate could be elected next year.

I get the distinct impression that I have just eye-witnessed in practice, what I’d read about in theory.

In my Occupy Media experience, when Occupy media resources connected to a certain location started declaring support for a specific political candidate, that Occupy was considered to have been “co-opted” and were discredited across the rest of the movement from that point. There are countless instances of this internationally.

I never expected to witness that happen here in New Zealand and it may have been unwitting by those ensconced in the centre of it. But it is hard for me to believe it is unwitting, having overheard Chris Trotter and David Cunliffe after Cunliffe’s successful hijacking of David Shearers leaders speech at the first anti-GCSB meeting, in a suburban community hall. (Not the larger Town Hall event that followed).

Cunliffe was enthused that he had pulled off the assumption well; then they mused as to why Shearer hadn’t leapt up after Cunliffe and spoken for Labour regardless.

Trotter and Cunliffe had no idea who I was so were speaking freely mere meters from me, in the foyeur. Which made the combined arrogance all the worse. When Cunliffe said something to the effect of “I just can’t believe (Shearer) didn’t jump up and say something”, I actually could bite my tongue no longer and said “Perhaps because he doesn’t have Chris Trotter for a political advisor.”

Both men laughed, interpreting my comment as a compliment. In reality, all I could think is “what the hell are these guys up to, this is supposed to be about the GCSB not David Shearer…”

The naked display of alternate agenda shocked me. Even moreso when I read congratulatory media write-ups which made much of Cunliffe’s interjection but somehow failed to mention the spirit it was performed in.

Oh yes, I am naive.

At the time it happened it seemed almost a side issue. However, once the side issue overtook to distract from the main issue, I began to speak up.

When a platform that has the opportunity to be broad-based enough to literally unite the country throws it’s lot into one very specific bucket instead, hell yes I’m going to speak up.

I’ve now been overtly threatened to be relegated to “protesting from the sidelines” for speaking up. But that’s where we belong. We won’t be sitting in a studio when the shit goes down, we’ll be in the fray making sure the world knows what ACTUALLY happened, not what it is convenient for some politicians or state officials to say happened.

We don’t risk our asses so that someone can beat a political opponent, we do it for the betterment of the people and the pursuit of justice; neither of which are served by tossing away a chance to TRULY get the GCSB bill revoked IMMEDIATELY rather than betting all our chooks on a General Election a year away.

Today I was censored from posting a comment on a publication that for the better part of a year I have implored hundreds of big and small reach accounts to support.

I am going to end this blog-post with the comment I unsuccessfully posted as I stand by every word of it. It sums up exactly what the problem is, and the fact the comment was suppressed instead of openly addressed, is self-evident.

“What happens in Parliament shouldn’t dictate what happens on the Streets. Even when they pass these Bills, we can force them to revoke them. We don’t need an action: we need a series of them. And the powerbase of the popular support must NOT be divided to suit individual agendas.

We have been clearly taught how to achieve socio-political change via People Power. We need only look to Iceland to see the steps we must take.

We don’t need to announce & confirm action dates & try to re-spread the word everytime if everyone knows it’ll be every Saturday until they reverse the Bill.

Persistent, constant, unrelenting and preferably decentralised action such as occurred during the Springbok Tour are the pathway forward to TRULY defeating these Bills and beginning to create a new legal framework forward for our country – one that protects our rights instead of robbing us of them without our consent.

Those of us pissed off enough about this to put our lives on the line have a far greater vested input than whoever is next Labour leader.

Those who have turned out so far represent a broad based coalition of the willing.

If any one political faction is placed above the others that will become the unwilling and the resentful.

A fact our espionage-obsessed overlords are no doubt fully aware of and already using to their advantage.

Let all the banners meld to become one. Left, right, young, old, rich, poor, all demographics contain members of the Awakened and there are more of us with every passing day.

Let’s make Stop the GCSB Bill more than a name.

Let’s actually stop it.”

It’s been years since I heard this. I didn’t listen to it again until after writing this article. It couldn’t be any more poignant!

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