Follow The White Rabbbit: Why @CensoredNewsNow Is Worth A Look Below The Surface

“Hey – I don’t understand a lot of your tweets…” I said to @CensoredNewsNow (who his friends affectionately and ironically refer to as CNN) on Twitter, back in May of 2012.

Having talked to him pretty consistently since Occupy, and having intellectually benefited as a result, it is nostalgic to see the bemusement of others that I once felt, when they happen upon his work for the first time – or unwittingly have it thrust upon them!

For I soon learned by looking at CNN’sOccupy The Banks‘ website (a patchwork quilt with over 3.8 million views) that truth in the independent media sphere doesn’t often come in a pretty package – isn’t usually related in an easily digestible fashion – can even appear batshit crazy at first – but is often shared under tenuous and even desperate circumstances, by those who have an irrepressible urge to share with the wider public what they have witnessed or discovered, by whatever means available or necessary.

But the veracity of the content is self-evident by its sourcing and CNN has produced results time and time again.

Throughout the 2 1/2 years I have followed his work, issues he has acted to bring to light have consistently ended up in the mainstream, albeit well after the fact.

From his early publishing of the Joris Demmink video and document disclosures, which started out with a few lone protesting voices in the independent media and ended up becoming a social media movement, and acknowledged by members of the US Congress, who asked the State Department to hold the Netherlands accountable for the inadequate investigation into Demmink’s alleged crimes…. to his campaigning to bring the multi-trillion-dollar LIBOR scandal to light, long before MSM… to his work surrounding the celebrity and Vatican implications of what is now known as the #CSAInquiry (another cause on which he was an early campaigner that has now penetrated the mainstream media and sparked official inquiries) and him giving a heads up about the resignation of the Pope many months before it became widely known…. to breaking the news of the Snowden Nobel Peace Prize nomination… CNN has been ahead of the status quo at every step.

Unfortunately, if you’re unfamiliar with his work, style, situation and circumstances and are abruptly confronted by him, CNN has an intimidating habit of spewing out back-to-back tweets  that are packed full of probably every law enforcement-triggering keyword known to mankind (often in caps), some of which then copy governmental agencies official accounts for good measure.

Something which appears to have aggravated the powers that be sufficiently to apparently have inflicted retaliation on him for his insolence and as per the hashtag #FreeCNN on at least one occasion in 2014, detained him as well.

But there is a lot more to CNN than his propensity for violating every established social media best practice. So I have scanned back over the last few years to pull together a few of his information superhighway victories, to illustrate this, and to reminisce.

Hopefully, like me, others will learn to filter his messages for what does and doesn’t suit their interests and their situation; to try to place themselves in CNN’s shoes before judging on appearances; to discern the valuable insights that are so often lurking beneath the surface.



















































































And as usual, it is all best summed up by a complete stranger:












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