A Promise Fulfilled

to my beautiful Nan

on your deathbed I promised you
I would write
the most beautiful poem
that had ever been written
and read it aloud for you
at your funeral.

your doeful eyes instantly filled,
brimming with hope, love,
gratitude –
pride –

as if you could already see
us gathered here
to bear witness;

as if you could already hear
these words I speak, to
all gathered here in

in commemoration
& in celebration.

long years you asked not
for a wake – but for a party
& when I would share with you
fears for your mortality; you
scolded me

instructed me to remember your one wish;

that you would pass over long before any of us.

a wish God has granted.

Today six strong men
irrevocably connected to you
carry your casket

your children embrace and grieve
three full generations of your offspring weep

as we give testament to your legacy, that
lives on within countless beating hearts;

we will never forget you.

As your spirit rises to its next place; we take
refuge in your ascension, propelling you to a
new dimension where we know,

you are harkening forth to
the waiting arms of your beloved.


Ever a lady; ever a friend. I love you Nan.